The Pros and Cons of Drones  

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) or known as drones today are very popular among the general consumers. Though these small flying robots where originally use in the military for surveillance and missions, they are now purchase for fun. Adults and kids are among the main demographics of personal drones. Compare to the old remote-control helicopters, drones are high end and very nice to navigate. It has more capabilities and can be attached with cameras. Drones can also be navigated through any mobile device, which makes its control easy and convenient.  


In the past years there were several issues that some people have encountered with their personal drones. Some have been injured due to lack of knowledge and the lack of information how to use a drone properly. Kids Drone Training Africa are available if you want to have your kids learn and fly drones safely. But before any training and purchasing, here are some pros and cons of drones that you should know:


IT CAN BE DEVELOPED. Drones are very interesting type of UAVs, with proper training and knowledge; you can navigate and use them easily. Like its first use, the military has even developed them as weapons too other than the basic surveillance. Drones can also serve as rescue robots and can enter places that rescuers can no longer reach. Specially with its aerial features, drone can easily spot emergencies and it has also been used for weddings as drone-based video photography.

COST EFFICIENT. Unlike other UAVs, drones are cost-efficient. Compared to manned operations and vehicles, drones are very convenient and saves a lot of money. You can deploy a lot of drones and carry out simple missions without manning them.  

SAVING LIVES. A lot of emergency rescue teams in other countries are using drones to save lives. With UAVs like drones, search mission and critical aerial search are now easy and less fatal since you are sending unmanned aerial vehicles. Spotting emergencies become easy and fast since you can develop them into flying surveillance cams.  


IT CAN BE ABUSED. Drones are very powerful type of technology, and it can abuse easily. Since its already available in the market this makes drones vulnerable to abuse, as it can be used in surveillance and could break someone’s privacy if not used properly.  

LEGALITIES. The laws against the proper use of UAVs specially drones are still being developed and since its availability to general consumers there has been a lot of privacy issues and abuses reported from individuals using personal drones and snooping on civilians.  

PERCEPTION. The general population does not really view drones the same with RC helicopters. It usually has a bad rep and always linked to surveillance and trespassing. If you have personal drones, you cannot expect everybody to be thrilled about it. They may have a bad experience or have heard the bad rep about drones used by individuals for personal use. Also, also, its safety issues have been one of the most common concerns about drones. The public has seen a lot of mishaps in the past, and they see drones unsafe.  

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