Some people might not know the real reason behind why they are suffering and having serious back pain. This is very common to all people as we have to work or to get ourselves ready for the big day like carrying heavy things or sitting in front of the computer for a longer time and even when you are driving your car the whole day or even for the entire week of sitting there in your car. This may cause some accidents in Chiropractic Albany OR. If you are thinking now of the possible and excellent method not to feel this pain again. Don’t go for surgery or any medical operation yet. You have to consult your doctors and others if it is necessary or maybe you could find other ways to cure it. All you need is to figure out the cause first before you do any decision. This could may help you to find a good solution to your problem.  


  1. Check the things that you are using that is related to your back. For example, beds, chairs, and even the bags that you are using when you go to work or to school. If your bed or mattress is too hard to sleep on then that could be one of the factors. You choose the one that is very comfortable for your back to rest whenever you lay down. The same thing goes with the chair that you are using when you work the whole day. Make sure that is has a pillow or foam where your back can rest well. Don’t put too much things in your back pack or shoulder bag. Carrying heavy things would affect the structure of your bones especially to the back-bone part of your body.  
  2. You may apply some liniment oils to soothe the pain that you have right now. Smelling and applying them to our body could give a great relief to your sensation and mind.  
  3. If you are too dependent to the western type of medicine whenever you have pained your body. Then, try to consider taking the herbal ones. They are the safest one to use as they don’t content and have any side effects to your body. You could take a sip of green tea, too to feel better.  
  4. Compressing with cold towel to your back would help as well. The same thing with having hot compress. Don’t try to contact these directly to your skin especially if is too cold or too hot.  
  5. Some women might the idea of going to a yoga class or a fitness session. In this way, they could totally free themselves from suffering to back pain.  
  6. In Chinese culture, having an acupuncture way would be a good option to try.  
  7. Change your sleeping position. It might be very painful to sleep by having one position the whole night. Stretch your arms and legs and even try to give your back a little push to start your day right.  

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